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10 Cities Where Home Prices Are Falling The Most

These 10 cities experienced the most dramatic home price drops between July and August 2022:

  1. Las Vegas, NV: -1.3%

  2. Washington, D.C.: -1.5%

  3. Dallas, TX: -1.9%

  4. Portland, OR: -1.9%

  5. Phoenix, AZ: -2.1%

  6. Denver, CO: -2.3%

  7. Los Angeles, CA: -2.3%

  8. San Diego, CA: -2.8%

  9. Seattle, WA: -3.9%

  10. San Francisco, CA: -4.3%

After years of soaring home prices, recent trends suggest that values now are beginning to come down. This is good news for renters who would like to buy a home.

A rent-to-own program is a good way to transition from renting to owning. The upfront cost to move in is much less than a traditional mortgage with down payment and closing costs. Also, unlike renting, you build equity each month. Learn about a rent-to-own program that actually works.

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