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Home Inspection Myths & Misconceptions

The Inspection Is Pass/Fail

Home inspections do not determine whether a house passes or fails. They evaluate the condition of a home and report defects. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether to buy the house.

Home Inspectors Determine If A House Is Up To Code

Inspectors are looking for defects that could affect the safety of your family. Code inspections, on the other hand, look for compliance with certain building standards. Just because something is not up to code, does not inherently make it a home inspection defect.

The Seller Will Repair Every Defect The Home Inspector Finds

While the inspector's report can be used as a negotiation tool, sellers are not obligated to make any repairs if your agent is using an "As-Is" contract.

New Construction Homes Do Not Have To Be Inspected

New construction homes can have defects that could be costly to repair. Have a home inspector perform a "pre-drywall" inspection. This allows the inspector more visibility to catch potential issues earlier in the build process.

Home Inspectors Determine The Value Of A House

The focus of the home inspection is the condition of the home; an appraiser determines a fair market value.

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