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Moves To A New State? FL Says "Hi" More Than "Bye"

Florida realtors economist: For do-it-yourself moves, Florida ranks second in the number of new entrants. Do-it-all movers rank Florida as one of only four "inbound states."

DIY Movers:

  • Florida is second only to Texas in its annual Growth Index.

  • Florida has held the second spot for five of the past seven years.

  • First in 2019 and third in 2020

  • Ocala had the highest net gain of one-way trucks during 2022.

Full-Service Movers:

  • Florida is one of four state that classify as inbound.

  • Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina are the remaining three.

  • Sarasota is the hot spot for full-service movers.

Central Florida Real Estate Monthly Reports For January 2023:

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