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Selling Your Home - Part 1: Prepping Your Home For Sale

Home For Sale

Invest In A Professional Home Inspection

The Cost of a home inspection is worth every penny simply because of the peace of mind that comes from not worrying about the unexpected issues or repairs. Prospective buyers see this as a sign that the home is well cared for and establishes a level of trust.

Repair Any Significant Deficiencies Found During The Inspection

Buyers and their agents tend to drastically overestimate the repair costs and often use any necessary repairs as a leverage tool for negotiating a lower price or other concessions after the initial offer has been accepted.

Hire A Licensed Professional To Make Necessary Repairs

Any good buyer's agent will advise their customers to require this for any repairs as well as written documentation of repairs made and receipts of payment.

If You Are Concerned About Pricing, You Can Pay For A Professional Appraisal Of Your Home

Appraisals are technically good only for the date they were made, but unless something drastic has happened to the home, the area, or the economy, it should give you a fairly accurate picture of your home's worth.

If you would like professional assistance with the marketing and sale of your home, I am committed to helping my customers reach their real estate goals.