• jimshorkey

Selling Your Home - Part 4: The Difference Is In The Details

Accessories, Lighting & Color Make A Huge Difference

Attend a few open houses or walk through several model homes and note the visual appeal of homes that are "staged" to sell. Take notes and replicate the look or use them for inspirations for your home.

Coffee Table Books, Fireplace Logs & Fresh Fruit Baskets

These all convey a homey atmosphere, so display a few items that make your home feel welcoming.

Lighten and Brighten

Change drapes to sheer panels or white blinds. Be sure to check all light fixtures and lamps for burnt out bulbs; clean glass and globes well.

Display Of Photos

If you feel the need to display photos, choose a few from different seasons and place in decorative frames. Showing your prospective buyers how great your home is during different seasons encourages thoughts of their family experiences in your home and makes it feel like their own.

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