• jimshorkey

Selling Your Home - Part 5: First Impressions Are Lasting

Check Your Curb Appeal

Stand across the street from your home and look at the exterior and the yard as if you were planning to buy your home. Buyers will notice smaller details than the homeowner, so use a critical eye or borrow a friend who will be honest with you.

Update The Landscaping

In addition to making certain the lawn is neatly trimmed and edged, pay attention to flower beds, trees, and shrubs. Remove and replace dead or dying plants and add fresh mulch if necessary.

Rent A High-Quality Pressure Washer of Hire A Professional

This is the quickest and easiest way to improve the look of your home's exterior. Don't forget to clean all porches, decks, windows, and eaves as well as the walls.

Shut The Front Door

At a minimum, clean the door and hardware. Consider painting the door and doorframe and polishing or replacing the hardware.

Lubricate Hinges And Use Graphite Spray In The Locks

Make it easy to get into the home by ensuring that the lock functions freely, hinges swing smoothly, and it does not sound like entering a haunted house because of squeaky hardware.

Add Potted Plants And/Or Colorful Flowers To Your Porch or Front Steps

Even small entryways can benefit from greenery and it gives the impression that the home is well cared for.

Use Seasonal Items Such As Wreaths, Flags, or Decorations To Enhance The Entryway

A festive home implies a happy home and a happy home implies a "good" home.

Keep A Clean Welcome Mat To Encourage Visitors To Wipe Their Feet

This shows that the home is well cared for. It also helps keep your home clean when your potential buyers wipe their feet before entering your home.

Inspect All Windows And Screens

Repair or replace screens with holes or tears. In the mind of buyers, small expenses add up quickly. It is best to remove as many potential objections as possible.

Clean The Gutters And Check For Loose or Missing Shingles

Gutters are designed to move water away from the home. Gutters full of leaves will not do their designed purpose. Loose or missing shingles show lack of care for the home.

Wash The Outside of All Windows And Frames

Choose a time of day when the sun is not to bright. Bright sunlight and high temperatures cause cleaners to evaporate quicker and causes streaks.

Replace or Repair Any Broken Windows or Windowpanes

Shattered glass is not only a huge turn off; it is also a safety and security risk.

If you would like professional assistance with the marketing and sale of your home, I am committed to helping my customers reach their real estate goals.