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Seven Tips For A Smooth Move

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

  1. Plan your move in advance so you have time to evaluate your options, and make a decision based on overall value.

  2. Confirm that each mover considered carries commercial general liability insurance, automobile liability, cargo liability and workers' compensation. This can be verified by a certificate of insurance.

  3. Check if the moving company is licensed by Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services by visiting

  4. Get a written estimate from several movers and compare them. The estimate should be based on an actual in-person or virtual inspection of your household goods.

  5. Determine if the company is a moving broker or moving company. A broker arranges for the transport of your household goods for a fee and sells your move to a moving company.

  6. Check your homeowners or rental insurance policies for moving coverage.

  7. Accidents happen, even with the best movers. Discuss valuation with your mover in case an accident occurs while you belongings are in transit.

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