Ready. Set. Own.

Find your home, move in now, and rent with built-in savings for your down payment.  Divvy's program is designed for you to become mortgage-eligible in 3 years or less.

A Program Designed For You

Not ready for a mortgage?  We have you covered.  With Divvy you can rent your dream home now, while growing your built-in savings for a down payment.

1. Apply for free in 5 minutes

2. Find your dream home

3. Divvy buys your dream home

4. Move in with built-in savings

5. Buy your home, or walk away with savings

How Does Pricing Work?

Who's A Good Fit For Divvy?

Pricing varies depending on the home, your initial payment, and your monthly savings.

To find out your personal home-shopping budget, get prequalified.  It is completely free, takes 5 minutes, and does not affect your credit score.

1. You could use help saving up for a down payment

2. Your credit score is not quite there yet

3. You are self employed or got a new job

4. You want a more competitive offer

5. You want to try before you buy